Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ebola Virus- Disease Diagnose and Treatment

Ebola virus is very rare to find but its very deadly virus. It breakdown blood clotting system and bleeding start inside and outside the body. This virus transmit from body and damage immune system and organs of body. And the result is uncontrollable bleeding. This disease is also known as one more name Ebola hemorrhagic fever and it kills more than 90% people who is infected.

How do you infected with Ebola:- This virus is not a common virus like sneeze, cold or measles. It transfer to people with body contact or fluids of an infected animal. The person who care for infected person can get infected.
Other way to get Ebola is touching used needles on infected Ebola patient. Ebola is not spreading through air, water or food.

Symptoms Of Ebola Virus:- Ebola is just like flu or illness. Its signs show up from 2 to 21 days. Symptoms are

1. Sore Throat
2. Stomach pain
3. Joint Pain
4. Weakness
5. Headache
6. Lack of Appetite

The worst part of this disease is start bleeding inside and outside the body even from ear, nose and eyes. Sometimes people start blood vomit , diarrhea and rashes.

Ebola Diagnoses:- Its very hard to find out Ebola virus in person just on the bases of symptoms alone. Symptoms are as similar as malaria and cholera. So sometimes doctors ignore this deadly virus by thinking Ebola like malaria.
Blood test and tissue test can also diagnose Ebola virus.

If you are infected with Ebola, then you should isolate yourself form others to prevent the spread.

Ebola Treatment:- There's no medicine or cure for Ebola. Experimental vaccines of Ebola virus is under development but they are not fully tested.  But research is still going on it. 

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