Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor can be two type. One contain cancer cell called Maligant other do not contain cancer cell called Benign. Brain tumor can be caused at any age of human. Exact reason of brain tumor is not yet clear till now. Symptoms are also depends on size and type.

Symptoms:- Very common symptoms of brain tumor is headache, Seizure, Numbness, eyes weakness, and ear weakness. Brian Tumor is differentiate in four stage. In Fourth stage cells go out of control and its deadly dangerous.

Common Brain Tumor found in adults are Oligodendroglioma and Astrocytoma and in children Glimo and Brain Stem Glimo.

Diagnoses:- If you have symptoms of Brain Tumor, then doctor may check your vision, alertness, hearing. Doctor may ask you for MRI and CT scan. In MRI doctor see the picture of your head and recognize the affected area. Sometimes a contrast material is injected and see the abnormal area of tumor. And CT scan is one kind of X-RAY machine. Which take picture of diffrent part of head to see the abnormal area. Doctor may ask for Angiogram , Spinal Tap and Biopsy.

Treatment:- Treatment of Brain Tumor is depends of  the stage, location, size and age of the patient. This can be treated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. 

In Surgery, doctor make an entry in skull for removing brain tumor. This process is called Craniotomy. Doctor try to remove whole tumor from the skull. If its not possible to remove entire tumor, then doctor remove tumor as much as possible. 

In Radiation Therapy, is also known as radiotherapy, doctor use rays to damage cancer cell and stop them to grow. This therapy is used when tumor can not be removed with surgery or some cell remains after surgery. 

In Chemothrapy, doctor use drugs to kill cancer cells. This therapy is given in sevral periods depends on recovery time. Doctors give drugs orally or by injected into muscles or blood vessel. Patients are not need to stay at hospital for chemotherapy.

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